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Full official name of the conference: XVIII scientific-practical conference "Strategic management: practice and problems of regional development"

Date: December 11, 2020

Venue: Vladimir branch of RANEPA, 59A Gorkogo st., Vladimir, Russia

Registration of participants: December 11, 2020 from 9.30 am to 10.00 am

Beginning of plenary session: December 11, 2020 at 10.00 am

Conference organizers:
- Vladimir Branch of RANEPA;
- Committee of Economic Development of the Administration of Vladimir Region;
- Vladimir regional branch of Free Economic Society;
- Association of municipalities of Vladimir region.

Co-chairs of the conference organizing committee:
- Vyacheslav Yu. Kartukhin - Director of the Vladimir Branch of RANEPA, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region, PhD in Law
- Yuri A. Dmitriev – chairman of Vladimir regional branch of Free Economic Society, Doctor of Economics

The members of the organizing committee:
- Aleksandr E. Illarionov - Deputy Director, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
- Boris V. Kartsev - Executive Director of Association of municipalities of the Vladimir region, Ph.D.Econ, Associate Professor
- Valerii A. Kretinin – Professor of State and Municipal Administration Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor
- Yuri Т. Lapygin – Professor of Management Department, Doctor of Economics
- Aleksandr I. Novikov - Leading Researcher, Doctor of Economics, Professor
- Evgeny V. Sokolskih - Chairman of Economic Development Committee of Vladimir Region Administration, Ph.D.Econ

Executive Secretary:
Olga A. Zhukova - Deputy Head of the Research Department, Vladimir Branch of RANEPA
Phone number: 8(4922) 333-209, extension 11-71; mobile. +7 (904) 653-54-93
Address: Office 227, Vladimir branch of RANEPA, 59A Gorkogo st., Vladimir, Russia

Scientists, teachers and graduate students of higher educational institutions, heads and specialists of legislative (representative) and executive bodies of public authorities, local authorities are invited to participate in the conference.

Abstracts of reports and speeches of conference participants are published free of charge. Issuance of free printed copyright copies to the authors is not provided.

The following issues are planned to be discussed at the conference:
- Economy during and after the "coronacrisis";
- Situation in the global, national and regional economy: trends, prospects;
- Economic growth trajectories of the country and regions in 2021-2024;
- The future of the economy: liberal globalization or convergent planned-market;
- Measures and ways of business state support in the region;
- Features of modernization strategy implementation and advanced development of the regional economy;
- Improving the quality of life of the population: problems and solutions;
- Problems of training management personnel for a competitive management system: national, regional and municipal aspects;
- Regional aspects of long-term forecasting and planning;
- Transition to the digital economy: problems, ways and consequences.

Requirements for reports or their theses:
Articles (5-8 pages) are submitted to the Organizing Committee until November 20, 2020 in electronic form (registration form below).
Text Format:
Font Times New Roman, 14 pt, line space - 1.5 spacing; margins 2 cm, paragraph indent 1.25 cm.
Microsoft Word file format with the extension .doc, .docx or .rtf.
Structure of an article should be the following:
- The UDC index is indicated in the upper left corner;
- on the line after UDC, in the middle, the name of the article is typed in capital letters;
- on the next line in the middle, the initials and last name of the author (or authors) are printed in lower case letters (starting with capital letters) indicating the degree and title, position, place of work (study), city;
- followed by the summary in Russian and English; key words in Russian and English;
- after 1.5 intervals the text of theses or report is printed;
- references to literature are given in square brackets. The list of references is mandatory.

Articles and abstracts with deviations from these requirements will not be accepted.

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