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Department of Extracurricular Work and Employment is a structural unit of Vladimir branch of RANEPA. The department was established in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of Vladimir branch of RANEPA on May 28, 2014, protocol No. 10.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • identification, support and promotion of the most active and promising students, graduate students, young scientists and specialists of the branch;
  • creation of a system of personal and professional self-determination and personal development;
  • development, definition of the main directions of the implementation mechanisms of extracurricular and educational work.

Core functions:

  • Support and development of basic forms of student self-government;
  • identification of capacity and development of leadership qualities of students;
  • providing organizational and methodological assistance in the creation and operation of student clubs and sections;
  • providing organizational and methodological assistance in the work of student media;
  • information, methodological and organizational support of the student government activities;
  • coordination of activities carried out as a part of the student government development;
  • development of a system of non-financial promotion for active participation in the development of student self-government;
  • research aimed at diagnosing the state of the student environment, improving the existing and developing new educational, mass cultural and incentive programs and activities;
  • identification, support and development of youth initiatives and projects;
  • youth involvement in the development and implementation of business projects aimed at solving social, environmental and economic problems of the region;
  • support and development of the youth volunteer movement;
  • development of innovative competences of youth;
  • active involvement of youth in the development and implementation of innovative research projects in priority areas of the region’s development;
  • development and implementation of a set of measures for civil, patriotic, spiritual, moral and aesthetic education of young people; fostering a culture of interethnic and interfaith communication; shaping the need for a healthy lifestyle;
  • development and implementation of a set of measures for professional self-determination and youth development;
  • promotion of employment and building a successful career for graduates of the institute.

The major activities of the department:

  • civil patriotic,
  • sport,
  • cultural and leisure,
  • cientific, volunteering (community service),
  • promotion of employment and professional self-determination, and self-realization of students,
  • informational.



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