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/ Additional education

The Vladimir branch of RANEPA has earned a reputation as a leader in the management training of the Vladimir region and holds the position of the leading educational institution in the region training managers for the state and municipal service.

In general, to ensure recruitment for additional vocational education programs, the Department of Supplementary Vocational Training participates in contests, auctions, quotations, interacts with federal territorial authorities and with divisions of regional authorities, municipalities of the region, employees of autonomous, state and budget institutions, subjects of natural monopolies, state corporations, with legal entities and individuals.

Training is conducted in two types of additional vocational training:
- professional retraining;
- further training.

Сategory of trainees:
- State civil servants
- municipal employees
- small and medium scale enterprises, entrepreneurs
- employees of institutions, enterprises, organizations
- natural persons.

The branch proposes to organize refresher courses effective management, motivation and stimulation of workfare, management decisions, conflict management and the social and psychological climate in the team.
The Vladimir branch of the RANEPA possesses not only a strong material and technical foundation, an original educational and methodological complex, but also highly qualified specialists and thanks to a successful combination of theory and practice, each trainee of the refresher course will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.
A highly qualified faculty is involved in the implementation of programs that are completely “tied” to the problems, goals and objectives of your organization. In this regard, of any of the proposed topics presented in the list, it is possible to form an individual training program.
The volume of each program - 18 hours and more.
Form of study: full-time or part-time (evening).
At the end of the training students are issued a certificate of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.



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